Sign the Petition

Dear Regulator:

We are Californians who are signing this petition to let you know just how important energy diversity is to our families and communities. We are especially concerned about suggestions that all homes and buildings in California should be powered by electricity only. Relying on a single source of energy is a dangerous proposition, as shown by the planned PG&E blackouts this year.

Consumers should have the right to choose the clean energy source that works best for them. It also undermines exciting developments within the energy marketplace to develop a wide range of sustainable and alternative low-carbon fuels that complement electricity.

For us, clean-burning propane is our fuel of choice and must be protected for the following reasons:

  • Propane is an important part of the energy diversity mix
  • Propane is a reliable, affordable and vital source of clean energy. Propane is often the only way people can heat their homes, cook their food and generate electricity.
  • In urban areas like Los Angeles and the Bay Area, propane fuels everything from commercial trucks, warehouse forklifts and school buses.
  • Propane offers enormous safety, economic and environmental benefits. For example:
    • Propane can provide energy security for Californians during electric grid
    • Propane vehicles reduce NOx air pollutants by 90% compared with traditional
      vehicle fuels
    • Propane is the most cost-effective way to reduce transportation emissions
    • Propane powered homes reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50%
    • Propane tankless water heaters are twice as energy efficient as their electric
  • Propane will also continue to play an increasingly important role in helping California develop Net-Zero-Energy buildings.
  • Propane’s environmental benefits will only improve as 100% sustainable “Next Generation Propane” becomes more widely available.

Given all these environmental and economic benefits of propane, we the undersigned, urge you to ensure California policies promote energy diversity and the continued use of propane.

Thank you.

I am