In October 2019, hundreds of thousands of Californians were held hostage by the largest blackout in California history. The State of California doesn’t have a plan to keep the lights on, and yet our regulators are on a path to mandate “electric-only” energy. This is not only risky and impracticable, but it also ignores the many economic and environmental benefits clean energy propane and other alternative fuels provide Californians.

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Propane Plays a Vital Role

Propane plays a vital role in supplying energy to millions of Californians and local businesses with clean, reliable and affordable energy.

Sustainable Propane

The propane industry is committed to providing California with 100% renewable propane to meet California’s greenhouse gas reduction goals.

The Need for Energy Diversity

Along with solar, wind and hydrogen, renewable propane is clean and sustainable energy source that will be key to ensuring California has a thriving green economy and future.

Wildfire, Pandemic & Emergency Response Resilience

Electric utilities, water treatment facilities, cell phone towers and hospitals are just a few of the essential services that rely on propane generators for back-up power. Propane also serves as a primary source of energy for firefighters to bathe, eat and cook at base-camps in rugged terrain. During the pandemic, propane provides primary energy for temporary hospitals, testing facilities and temporary housing for our homeless population. When it matters most, propane is ready to help.

Propane Rebate Program